The 8 Secrets to Communicating Value and Distinguishing Yourself in Any Interview

Yes, it’s critical to know your resume inside and out and to be able to speak intelligently about whatever appears in it. And sure, you ought to research your prospective employer, the position you have applied for and, where possible, the individual interviewers before you walk into the room (don’t spend hours memorizing tiny details; get a general feel for who/what you’re dealing with, plus maybe one fact that interests you about the specific group/team/position).

This stuff is “Interviewing 101.” It is necessary, but not sufficient, if you want to stand out from the many highly qualified candidates typically competing for a given job. In order to distinguish yourself, you must integrate all of this preparation into a plan to address the three key concerns that reside (often subconsciously) in the minds of all interviewers:  Continue reading

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