Success Stories

Throughout his career, Brian has served as a coach, advisor and confidant to hundreds of professionals and companies seeking to get the most out their careers, businesses and lives. This is what a few have say about their experiences:

“I had waited 10 years for the timing to be right … and so the stakes could not have been higher…”

I have worked with Brian for nearly 8 years and consulted him at every major career crossroads I’ve faced in that time. From our first meeting, I realized that Brian truly cared about helping me find my ideal situation in both work and life. He instilled confidence about reaching my goals and encouraged me to settle for nothing less than what I really wanted. At the same time, he was realistic about the challenges I would face along the way, and provided personalized insight to overcome these obstacles at every turn.

In particular, during one conversation about an upcoming job interview, Brian helped me figure out how to believe in myself and put my best foot forward. I had waited nearly 10 years for the timing to be right to apply for this job, and so the stakes could not have been higher. I firmly believe that I got the job because of both that last conversation and our meetings throughout the years.

-Frank C.Attorney
New York, NY

“I came to think of my business… in terms of the enormous value I am able to provide my clients…”

I went to Brian to get a different perspective on my small freelancing business. I needed greater motivation and focus to continue to expand my business. Two things stood out. Brian listened in a way that made it clear that he genuinely wanted to understand what I did, how, and for whom. He asked specific questions about my goals for the business and, more importantly, challenged me to think, question, and re-evaluate what I thought of as my “tiny one-person operation.”

Brian’s gift is helping people create a confident, focused vision from what otherwise may be a jumble of ideas. Through our work together, I came to think of my business not just in terms of its size, but in terms of the enormous value I am able provide my clients (through my unique expertise and personalized customer service). Any professional or entrepreneur would benefit from working with Brian — whether just getting started or branching out in a new career direction. He will help you overcome your hesitation in taking those crucial first steps toward the next level of your career and your life.

-Larisa Mendez-Downes, Owner, LMD Copy

“I found more balance in my life… Today, I am focused, motivated and I have begun building the foundations of my own business.”

Brian is understanding, non-judgmental and has excellent listening skills. One of my goals was to simplify my life and create an environment more conducive to starting a new business. Through our coaching relationship, I found this was much easier than I first expected. Brian’s questions inspired me to consider options I had not identified before.

Among other things, my partner and I began decluttering our home by donating and tossing out “stuff” that was of no use to us anymore. After a few months, I found more balance in my life and communication with my partner had greatly improved. Brian also helped me narrow down my business niche by tapping into what is important to me and how I can truly make a difference in the lives of those I want to work with. Today, I am focused, motivated and I have begun building the foundations of my own business. I would recommend Brian to any person feeling stuck or less than fully satisfied with his or her current circumstances.           

-Tracye Byars, RN, BSN, IBCLC, President, Modern Day Wellness, LLC
Fort Worth, TX

“Our conversations are about me… what I need… [It’s] far more valuable that the rigidly structured programs I’ve experienced elsewhere.”

Brian is different from other coaches I’ve worked with. His approach is not ‘one size fits all.’ Our conversations are about me. He relates the discussion to my goals and my experiences. He tailors his questions to what I need to be answering, and, more important, asks follow-up questions based on both what I say and what he intuits may have gone unspoken. I find his approach far more valuable than the rigidly structured programs I’ve experienced elsewhere.

-Trey Roberts, Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels, LLP
Minneapolis, MN

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