So, Brian, what do you eat?

I’ve lost 28 pounds in the past 6 months while eating as much as I want and with almost no exercise. Friends and colleagues that notice my leaner physique often ask me how I did it. When I explain that the biggest factor is diet and that the most significant change is the elimination (or at least limitation) of grains, “white” starches, added sugars and other processed foods, the inevitable follow-up is, “so, like the Atkins diet?”

“Well, kind of,” I say. “It’s not unlike Atkins. But there are important differences.”

This post is the first in what will likely be a series. Here, I will answer the most common question I get from friends and family who are curious about my diet and/or interested in experimenting with this way of eating — “What exactly do you eat?” In future posts, I will reveal how I arrived at my diet and why I believe it is so critical that the scientific information supporting it be spread as quickly as possible to as many people as possible (hint: it’s a matter of life and death).  Continue reading

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