I Am Afraid of What You Will Think of Me

I am afraid. Terrified, really.

I am afraid that I’m failing. Afraid that my business will not grow, and that it’s my fault. I am afraid that the people in the best position to help me succeed don’t really understand what I do. And how could they? I have not explained it to them very well, if at all. I certainly have not endeavored to show them what I do. I am afraid to show them.

I am afraid to ask for help. Afraid to ask people I care about to Continue reading

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How to Stop Putting Off Important Things

We all do it. Between work and family obligations, errands, the mere whiff of a social life and the few minutes we manage to cobble together here and there for relaxation, we carry around an endless source of excuses for why something important to us must wait until later. But later rarely comes knocking and before we know it, the stress associated with not taking action has become yet another excuse to procrastinate.


Take this blog, for example. It has been about a year since I published a new post. I say “published” because for the first few weeks, I was writing, but putting off publishing my work. This post wasn’t ready yet. That one needed more polishing. Continue reading

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