How to Bend the Space-Time Continuum in Your Favor

BTTFIIdateHappy Back to the Future Day! That’s right, Doc Brown, Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker arrive today. Residents of Hill Valley beware!

And what better day than October 21, 2015 to contemplate the space-time continuum. No, not the mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea, representing space as three-dimensional and time as the elusive “fourth dimension,” and making time travel theoretically possible. But a more practically useful space-time continuum, for which Continue reading

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How to Stop Putting Off Important Things

We all do it. Between work and family obligations, errands, the mere whiff of a social life and the few minutes we manage to cobble together here and there for relaxation, we carry around an endless source of excuses for why something important to us must wait until later. But later rarely comes knocking and before we know it, the stress associated with not taking action has become yet another excuse to procrastinate.


Take this blog, for example. It has been about a year since I published a new post. I say “published” because for the first few weeks, I was writing, but putting off publishing my work. This post wasn’t ready yet. That one needed more polishing. Continue reading

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It Is Always Now

I was tempted to include the video, below, as a coda to my opening post because its themes align so nicely with those that drove me to finally publish on Monday, but I decided it was more important to let my words stand alone at the outset.

This excerpt from Sam Harris’ speech to the 2012 Global Atheist Convention, which has been expertly synthesized with background music and images by YouTube user AJ Salas, touches on a poignant, but less obvious, aspect of living “against the grain” — being present in the here and now.   Continue reading

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Today. Now.

This blog is a long time coming, and although this post is but the first step in what I hope will be a great journey, its publication is a personal breakthrough I’ve only dared whisper about until now. To my wife. To a dear friend. To the passing acquaintance I’m in no danger of disappointing.

Today I follow through.

Today I commit, out loud, to share myself more freely; to honor my gifts and lift the shroud of self-conscious shame beneath which I have too often hidden them – my curiosity, my playfulness, my tenacity and tenderness. My pride and fear. My hopes. My love. Until now, I have viewed these gifts as mine.

But they are ours. Continue reading

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